globalwarmingOk off beat and nothing to do with food but I want  to spread this message in as many places as I can.  I have this on my Facebook page and on my twitter http://twitter.com/tojodorian and I want it here for all of you.  http://hopenhagen.org/ It is time to change the way we act, the way we don’t act and the way we react.  BRING HOPE TO OUR CHILDREN!  Bring green to our world!  Grow food, recycle, conserve!  Lets brighten the green on this planet to better match the blue!  I love EARTH!


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Mango Chutney Pork Loin

porkmangochutneyPowerful.  That is probably the best word I could use to describe the taste in this dish.  The pork loins tenderness paired with the bold chutney is soothing and pleasing to the palate.  Perhaps not the first dish to come to mind in the fall, don’t let that stop you from enjoying this dish all year-long.

We’ve been a little busy around here with my son just finishing up outdoor soccer, as well as myself preparing for the upcoming indoor soccer season.  I decided this was probably going to be our best day for practice so we worked hard for about an hour before we decided we were too hungry to be exerting this much energy.

I had some mangos in the fridge that were just about perfect for the taking and I had to use them for something.  Stomachs rumbling this probably wasn’t the best dish to go for since it takes a few hours.  Roasting this is rewarding and you can always sneak a few snacks in during the cooking process.

We went with a 3.5lb pork loin very nice cut.  We kept it simple with 2 sweet onions cut in thicker chunks.  I did grind up some ginger and used about 1tsp.  You can of course use the pre-ground ginger.  We also minced 3 large garlic cloves for a nice punch.  Garlic is always to taste though so choose accordingly.  I threw in a whole jar of mango chutney (12oz).  Also I cut up the 2 mangos I had into small 1/2″ chunks and applied the chutney and the mango pieces as a sort of thick glaze atop the loin with the onions resting peacefully at the bottom.

Flavor sensation was the final result with this dish.  This right here is proof that it doesn’t have to be complicated to be a knock out even when it’s just an ordinary night and you can always rely on the possibilities of food.  Normal days are many, and you would be surprised how transforming a night can be with a new dish!

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Needed a push!

spreadOk so I’ve been trying to get things straightened out so I could get a nice lengthy review done on a local restaurant for you guys.  Well I have been charged with task after task the past few days with little room for desirable selections.  Now heres for a long story short story transformation.

No going out for fear of becoming burned out.  Stay home I thought and so I did.  With my tastes ever-changing and always a need be filled through taste and sight I happen to keep a numerous selection of gourmet chocolates, cheeses and other things of that nature on hand.  Don’t get me started on my wine cellar including not only some rare wines but also some of my own vintages!

Pulling out some Marble Jack, Gouda, brie, and Irish cheddar with chives I also began to slice a few off the loaf of crusty Italian bread.  Along with the given I had a thirst that needed attending.  I leaned towards wine provided the snacks I had chosen.  I think maybe not.  So I thought perhaps something with a kick a punch and a slice of lime and of course a nice chill with the crushed ice.  Yes margaritas it is and did they satisfy my rainy day wounds?  They certainly did, be free to the thought of pairing old ideas with new and leave room for the traditional but don’t choke it with a closed-door.  Have a great Saturday night, I’m off to finish mine!

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2009 Hates My Grapes

concords2Ok so as you can see to the left my concord hybrids were stricken with a harsh rainy spring and cool temperatures as well.  Follow that up with about 2 months of no rain and then no end season stability and you get this!  Don’t get me wrong I was able to harvest probably 50 pounds of Concords, both the regular and the hybrid.

So I have 12 hybrid Concords vines and 12 regular concord vines in this arbor and the vines are about 5 years old.  They are growing strong and taking hold well.  I expect a large crop next year from these babies!  At least I hope because I can’t go without my grape jam or my grape juice.

Don’t let this smile fool you I am actually crying inside since my Concords were so harshly dealt a bad hand this year.  Although I can’t speak much of my other crops to be honest.  Maine is proving to be an interesting state to grow in.  I had of course a much easier time growing them at our home in New York.concords

This spring of 09′ I decided to plant some more vines.  Having 24 Concords I decided that was enough of that variety and I ended up going with 5 more varieties.  8 Moore’s Diamond, 8 DeChaunac, 8 Aurore, 6 reliance, and 6 Candice.  Yes 36 more on top of my current 24 totaling 60 vines!  Actually thats less than what I want which is why I’m planning to plant another 30 vines next spring.

Although it wasn’t a good season for produce my younger vines seemed to like the growing season this year since some of them really took off.  Here is one of my Aurore vines reaching over 6 feet which is pretty remarkable being its first year and since the vines were only about 2 feet when I got them this spring.mooresdiamondOur real hopes are to obtain the property next to ours if they ever decide to sell it since they are obviously never going to use it for anything.  It is another 12 acres which would put us up to 22, but let’s be honest the most important thing is I’d be able to plant more vines!  Oh and of course some rows of elderberries.  Just wanted to give a little insight on my grapes since they are now done for the fall, if anyone has any questions about growing grapes or taking care of them I would be happy to share ideas.  Take care and have a great weekend.

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Smoky Black Bean Stew in Acorn Squash

Smoky Black Bean Stew in Winter SquashOk ok so it’s fall again.  I suppose there isn’t much avoiding the bone chilling months to come.  Totally kidding I actually love this time of year and I thought last night the perfect time to peek around for a nice fall recipe that would be sure to please.  Boy did I hit the jackpot!

Ok so I was poking around and I eventually came across wait for it…….. yes the recipe for Smoky Black Bean Stew in Acorn Squash.  Bless the Bangor Metro for this post.  Now I’m not a vegan by any means but I just couldn’t pass up this warming display of fall goodness.

Of course I grow my own acorn squash along with everything else.  Apparently the recipe isn’t available anymore except in the publication itself so I am going to stretch your eyes out and list it so please be patient!


  • 2 cups black beans – soaked at least 8 hours
  • 1 – 12 oz bottle of dark ale *not porter/stout/lager*
  • 2 cups vegetable broth
  • 1 tbsp cumin
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp cocoa powder
  • 1 14oz can fire roasted red peppers
  • 2 cloves garlic – finely chopped
  • 1 medium onion – your preference
  • 2 jalapeno – *seeds in or out for heat preference*
  • 3 acorn squashes – seeded/halved

Ok so those are the ingredients.  Now first of course you soak the beans overnight or for at least 8 hours prior to cooking.  To start things off you’ll want to take the red peppers,the vegetable broth and the jalapeno and bring these to a boil and simmer for 20 minutes.  Let cool slightly then puree in blender.  Then what you’ll want to do next is go ahead and take the garlic, onion, a little evoo and the spices and start getting them browned in a medium to large soup pot.  Once browned then add the tomato, jalapeno puree stir in.  Now add the beans and the dark ale and bring to a boil and let simmer slightly for about 2-3 hours or until desired bean tenderness.  Start squash 1 hour prior to estimated end cooking time of stew and simply scoop stew into squash and serve.

Ok I apologize for the length.  Although I had to have you guys try this because I loved it and it’s really a great recipe given you take the time to make it.  Trust me it really hits the spot on a cool fall evening.  I served to guests with a variety cheese platter which paired well with the meal.  Ok everyone have a great mid-week and I will hopefully be writing to you within a few days.  There is a new sushi bar that just opened with my name on it and I’m hip to a new french restaurant in brewer, decisions.

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Cleonice Lamb PitaMediterranean bistro indeed.  Tonita and I decided to finally step into the quaint establishment.  We were quite taken by the old world feel pushed into your every glance.

Unfortunately directly after entering the bistro from the main street we unhesitatingly took a turn for the negative.  We were indeed seated rather quickly leaving us with high hopes only to be struck with a sort of verisimilitude.  The first impression not being the truth.  We were not read the specials as we were informed would be the first words leaving our servers lips.  Not a big deal although it’s not as if an employee is going to stab your arm with a fork so you kind of have to base service off the little things.  Anyway onto the food for a moment. 

Pretending to be the gentle I of course allowed the female to order first and she happened to choose from the entre section on the lunch only menu.  Her taste buds went for the imported pasta with the house tomato basil sauce.  I on the other hand wanted something I could get my paws dirty with.  I directed my eyes north to the sandwich section of the lunch menu and chose the middle eastern spiced lamb cutlet on pita bread with feta and tzatziki .  Of course the drinks can’t be forgotten as mine was the mint green tea and the girl of course sticks to her shirly as always.

The imported pasta with the house tomato basil sauce.  Quite an appealing dish with some great aromas.  I was able to sneak a sample.  The sauce was actually quite palatable.  I of course was much more taken by the choice I had made.  When it was placed in front of me I was quite intrigued.  One of those meals where you sort of rub your hands together slightly and squint with evil.  What a delectable sandwich.  I had chosen the lamb to be medium-rare and the crisp romaine and the heavenly feta and tzatziki were the perfect adornments for the fresh pita.

Being full I didn’t plan to brave a dessert as filling as the sandwich.  Tonita decided to plant herself into the desire of the dishes passing around presenting some of the daily dessert specials.  Tiramisu it is.  Although pleasantly displayed I wasn’t taken by the run of the mill taste sensations that this so expectedly supplied.  I decided to stay away and just cap things off with an espresso.


After all said and done with the waits in service and lack of information we were pleased with the actual meals and left wanting with dessert and service.

Location – Main St Ellsworth, Maine

Check Please – affordable (about $38 in all)

Service – lousy

Food – pleasing (except the dessert ofc)

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I’m here to stay!

Hello my lovelies, this is GuyGourmet from New England.  I’m just getting started here on wordpress.  I am a 24-year-old guy that has a taste for all things food and drink.  I could live to be 120 breaking records in some places and still have not had enough time to really get into this as much as I desire.  I long for gourmet like the thirsty flower longs for rain.  I not only love experiencing everyone elses techniques, styles, cultures I also love to do it myself and push out my ideas.  I also grow a lot of my own produce especially my lovely grapes!  But I’ll get more into that later only a little taste for now.  Anyways –

 I’ve done a lot of writing with reference to food in every aspect.  My blog will be focused on food and everything related to it.  Some of my stuff will be reviews of dishes I taste or recipes I try as well as just updates on  my life related to food since I am a culinary student making my way through.  Take care and eat lots of food and most importantly check back to see my stuff!

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