2009 Hates My Grapes

October 15, 2009 at 8:51 pm Leave a comment

concords2Ok so as you can see to the left my concord hybrids were stricken with a harsh rainy spring and cool temperatures as well.  Follow that up with about 2 months of no rain and then no end season stability and you get this!  Don’t get me wrong I was able to harvest probably 50 pounds of Concords, both the regular and the hybrid.

So I have 12 hybrid Concords vines and 12 regular concord vines in this arbor and the vines are about 5 years old.  They are growing strong and taking hold well.  I expect a large crop next year from these babies!  At least I hope because I can’t go without my grape jam or my grape juice.

Don’t let this smile fool you I am actually crying inside since my Concords were so harshly dealt a bad hand this year.  Although I can’t speak much of my other crops to be honest.  Maine is proving to be an interesting state to grow in.  I had of course a much easier time growing them at our home in New York.concords

This spring of 09′ I decided to plant some more vines.  Having 24 Concords I decided that was enough of that variety and I ended up going with 5 more varieties.  8 Moore’s Diamond, 8 DeChaunac, 8 Aurore, 6 reliance, and 6 Candice.  Yes 36 more on top of my current 24 totaling 60 vines!  Actually thats less than what I want which is why I’m planning to plant another 30 vines next spring.

Although it wasn’t a good season for produce my younger vines seemed to like the growing season this year since some of them really took off.  Here is one of my Aurore vines reaching over 6 feet which is pretty remarkable being its first year and since the vines were only about 2 feet when I got them this spring.mooresdiamondOur real hopes are to obtain the property next to ours if they ever decide to sell it since they are obviously never going to use it for anything.  It is another 12 acres which would put us up to 22, but let’s be honest the most important thing is I’d be able to plant more vines!  Oh and of course some rows of elderberries.  Just wanted to give a little insight on my grapes since they are now done for the fall, if anyone has any questions about growing grapes or taking care of them I would be happy to share ideas.  Take care and have a great weekend.


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